Xiangzhiling is an ALL natural, product, its main ingredient being Ganoderma Mushroom which fight with anything that does NOT belong to your body, Ganoderma recreates NEW White Blood Cells which are able to fight any Chronic diseases in illness in your body .The other two ingredients in Xiangzhiling are Wild Linden Honey and underground Water from Changbai Mountain in China, Because of its natural ingredients anyone can take Xiangzhiling, from small children to the elderly.

Our Products


Members Price: R1100 

Non Members Price: R2400

Cost per bottlele: R150

Contents: 16 Bottles


8 Bottles or more Special Available

Plum Juice

Members Price: R115
Non-Members Price: R300
Contents: 20satchets

Ganoderma Coffee

Members Price: R249
Non-Members Price: R400
Contents: 15satchets

Hazelnut Coffee

Members Price: R139
Non-Members Price: R400
Contents: 20satchets

Slimming Essence

Members Price: R800
Non-Members Price: R1200
Contents: 2 bottles

Mugwort Patches

Members Price: R360
Non-Members Price: R600
Contents: 60

Alkaline Water PH10

R10 per 500 ml bottle

Sanitary Pads

Members Price: R250
Non-Members Price: R100 a pack
Contents: 5


Members Price: R300
Non-Members Price: R120 a pack
Contents: 5

Become A Distributor

R200 Membership

Box cost R1100 (16bottles of 50ml each)
Sell each bottle for R150
Retail cost per box R2400
Your Profit per box R1300
Cash back per box R288
*Total profit per box R1588*

Referral Bonus R60 (1Point), Each Point is equal to R60

R96 bonus per *EACH* box purchased by your Direct ReferralPlease note there is a Collection Fee per box you buy. After registering you will get your BM Membership number that you will you as reference when depositing for your stock & for registering your Downliners.


When you Join you get 4 xPain Patches.


 VIP Membership R7000

If you want to own your own online shop the joining fee is R7000 and you will receive two Xiangzhiling boxes. Should you get other two people who join under you with R7000, you receive R1350 per person.
Should you reach 100 people in each leg meaning you will reach 200, you will then get R50 000 and when the people under your two legs get 200 recruits, then you will get R50 000 per person who completes their leg meaning should you have the top recruiter have a lot of recruits, it’s in your best interest to assist your down liners in order for everyone to accomplish their goal as everyone will benefit.